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PPM Intelligence can provide expert advice and assistance to help you set up or refresh your Portfolio Office, Portfolio Board and portfolio management practices, procedures, tools and governance framework.

We tailor best practice, drawing from both major standards, to fit with your existing organisational circumstances so that you get measurable improvement in results without undue disruption of operations.

We can also provide an assessment of where you are in your portfolio management journey:
  • What is your current level of maturity?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where can you best focus your efforts to achieve improvements most cost effectively?
  • Are you over or under governed?
  • Are you getting value for money from your portfolio management tool or is it just an expensive timesheet system?
  • Is project throughput optimal?

Capability Improvement

PPM Intelligence can deliver inhouse training and coaching at every level of your organisation, from your Portfolio Analysts and Directors to your senior decision makers.

Virtual Portfolio Office

For some organisations it makes sense to outsource part of their portfolio analysis function to a trusted independent advisor. 

PPM Intelligence can run workshops with your staff and use our specialist decision-support tools to help them reach agreement on their highest priority projects and programs, and to identify an appropriate sequence that works within your constraints.

This can be undertaken on a one-off or periodical basis.