Welcome to PPM Intelligence.

Our mission is simply to provide our customers the most valuable project portfolio management resources on the market. 

Be the thought leader.

On this site you will find a wealth of resources regarding all things project portfolio management to assist you in your business transformation endeavours. These include:
  • Periodicals providing the latest news on developments in the field, including research, case studies, and the latest journal articles, books and other publications
  • Text books
  • Educational courses
  • Solutions, including downloadable guides, methods, tools and templates, and
  • Consulting services.

Our approach is fearlessly independent.

PPM- Independent, Integrated, Inclusive
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While embracing standards and methodologies, we seek interoperability, an objective understanding of when to use one approach over another, and the integration of best of breed. We are not of one school or method.

Our affiliations with industry bodies and vendors are strong but remain non-aligned, broad and inclusive.

Our vision is of a world where businesses, governments, industries, and economies leverage portfolio thinking and project portfolio management to effectively and efficiently deliver infrastructure and services across society, reducing the enormous levels of waste from failed projects and programs, and promoting flexibility and agility in private enterprise, the government sector, and private/public partnerships (PPPs).