Welcome to PPM Intelligence.

My personal mission is to disrupt the portfolio management consulting, education and product markets: I want to provide practitioners and researchers with a single online location where they can source the highest quality knowledge, templates, tools and other resources at a price point that anyone around the world can afford.

My vision is that the field of portfolio management is easily accessible by business and government leaders everywhere and that as many organisations as possible are able to benefit from it.

Portfolio management is an increasingly critical leadership competency and organisational capability.

Disruptive digital technologies, including AI and robotic automation, IoT, block chain, crypto currencies, cloud computing and big data, are impacting all industries and no organisation is immune.

Business and government leaders need to respond effectively to the threats and opportunities presented by these developments.

This response requires innovation in products and internal processes and systems as well as whole-of-organisation transformation. The more disruption in the marketplace the greater the demand for change by organisations both in terms of volume and complexity.

Organisations that can marshal and deploy their people and assets most effectively to prioritise and execute multiple change initiatives consequently have a distinct competitive advantage and are more likely to succeed.

Just as an investment manager understands the language of stocks, options and futures so too 21st century business and government leaders need to understand the language of portfolio analytics, decision-making and governance to invest wisely on behalf of the their shareholders and stakeholders.

PPM Intelligence is a networked community and forum which aims to support and improve the practice of project portfolio management by sharing knowledge, templates, tools and other resources, and facilitating creative interactions, between practitioners and researchers.

PPM Intelligence provides advisory, public speaking, educational and other services to assist professionals seeking to improve their practice of project portfolio management and the capability of their organisations.

On this site you will find a wealth of resources regarding all things project, program and portfolio management to help support you in your business transformation endeavours. These resources include:
  • Articles, books, presentations and case studies
  • Tools and templates
  • Research summaries from the latest professional journals
  • Educational courses